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Human Sense Technology is a record label based in Zurich -Dübendorf which was brought to life in 2020. Its mission is to contribute to subcultural music, especially in the electronic music, to create a platform for artists, to connect people and to send messages to the world.  
We stand with affection behind our human artists and stand behind their free individuality.

We are humans - we are individuals.

Modern Utopia Thoughts


Following up on a strong launch with Braintalk, Human Sense Technology returns for their 2nd entry; this time from the man of many styles, Eastern Zurich's very own Dan Piu, with Modern Utopia Thought EP. Dedicated to his youth and influenced by future visions of creation, the atmosphere and arrangement on this EP permeates into the imagination with colors of suspense, harmony, and spherical textures showcasing the finer lines of deep frequency. Courageous indeed as this EP embraces the mysterious in an eccentric bliss that charms the listening experience in a way that grooves the body as much as it moves the mind. Welcome to Modern Utopia EP, where there are no constraints on creation or time


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Mind Asset EP


Synthetic and still human. The realization of the project "Mind Asset" took place as a kind of "therapy". The first EP on Human Sense Technology was written and produced by Braintalk. In his melancholic way he put the emphasis on dreamy surfaces, knitted rhythms and distorted structures. The inspiration expanded within his personal development during an uncomfortable situation. For this reason the titles "Conscioussnes", "Mind", "Synapse" and "Path" found their place on the EP.


Exclusive order on Lobster Distribution

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